September 13, 2021

Empath Connection

Today we have a with us again one of our favorite souls on earth, Dr. Michael R. Smith, he has been working professionally in empath consulting for several decades as a counselor, coach, energy healer, spiritual medium and author. He has been featured in several documentary films, has given workshops worldwide, he has literally helped and touched millions, he is our Empath go to, and has such a special soul, his genuine love and care for humanity is truly extraordinary and felt throughout the world. For over two decades, Michael has worked to help empaths and highly sensitive people recognize and embrace their gifts.

As a doctoral trained educational psychologist/counselor and energy healing practitioner, his work on empathic sensitivity has been endorsed and promoted by best-selling authors like Sonia Choquette and Judith Orloff. Michael has not only been featured in documentary films but on numerous mind-body healing summits, including the Shift Network. 

Michael has given workshops worldwide, including at New Yorks' Omega Institute. He has personally coached several thousand individuals to make stronger connections between mind, body, and Spirit. Over a million individuals have been guided by his materials since 2007.

Michael has spent the last 18 years working with indigenous healers around the world to more deeply explore and promote human potential. He uses indigenous techniques when called for in his work, and is a spiritual medium, although that is not the focus of his work and advocacy.   

Michael announces and offers exclusively here on Sense of Soul amazing news of what he’s up to and what is coming your way Empaths this fall and Shanna and Mande share a secret too!!!

To learn more about Michael, his classes, community, books and more, visit his website!

His most popular class for Empaths is the transformational 5-week live online class The Empath Academy.

Recommended reading to learn more about the ozone therapy  “The Ozone Miracle" by Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

Lots of fun stuff to check out and coming soon on, new merch, coaching programs, readings, classes and more! 

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