October 16, 2020

Preventing Burnout Step by Step

If you feel stressed right now... this is your episode! Liz Garrett joined us to help us step-by-step on how to keep that inner flame going!

We met Liz through the breaking the glass ceiling and felt her passion and loved her ideas. She brings such wonderful energy,  just what the world needs RIGHT NOW!

She believes like we do that we came to earth at this time with a specific unique gift the world needs now. Your journey is to uncover your gift and offer it.

Gain objective awareness of where you are on the burnout scale…

Liz specializes in Whole-being Well-being. Her coaching and course offers leverage emotional intelligence, neuroscience and wellness strategies to help you enjoy productive, creative and meaningful work.

She is the author of two books:
Intentionology: 365 Days of Living on Purpose 
Opposite of Burnout: 5 Career Strategies to Feel Valued, Be Heard, and Make a Difference

Guard your flame! Burnout is sneaky. Find out if Burnout sneaking up on you with this free, confidential assessment at https://trueyouadvantage.com/oob-assessment-landing-page. 

Available now!!
“Crisis 2020” Update to “The Opposite of Burnout” is being released on Kindle Oct 9. Preorder now for $4.99. It will be $7.99 on Oct 9.

Check out mysenseofsoul.com




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