October 5, 2020

The Art of Human Care

We had the honor of introducing one of the most extraordinary souls we have ever met in our lives, Dr. Hassan Tetteh.

Former Command surgeon for the national defense university, 
Chief medical Informatics officer for the us navy. One of few thoracic and cardiac surgeon who specializes in heart and lung transplants.

He is a best-selling author of four amazing books. His new book is The Art of Human Care.

He joined us to share his personal journey of discovering "the healer within"  and to give us some insight on how to transform the effects of stress on the heart in order to lead a more healthy and happy  life. 

On his life-threatening missions, he discovered that survival has more to do with the health of the spirit than it does with the physical vehicle that carries it. 

Hassan shares with us his personal story about Covid 19, and how he has gotten through this unsure time.

It was such an honor and we know you will love this episode!! Check out his website below.




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